Build Season || Day 12 – General Meeting

Today, LeeAnn Kuhn, Alyssa Brandle, and Jen Hlivko prepared for their outreach with our school’s Life Skills students next week. LeeAnn also sent out a sponsorship letter asking for support from our local Ameriserv. Rebekah Kevenk updated our website further, and added a link to an article in our area’s newspaper, The Tribune Democrat, focusing on WestyTek. Our Business Captain Vaughan Kramer created a Dropbox account, which can be found here, and called hotels to reserve rooms for the upcoming Palmetto Regional Competition in South Carolina. Julie Roach began outlining ideas for a possible WestyTek introduction video for our channel on Youtube.

Byron Custer and Bryce Platzer attached a Windows motor to our robot’s shooter hood. Isaiah Yuhas, Venkat Gella, Patrick Brown and Moses Zeidan continued to work on our vertical intake prototype while Daniel Kevenk, Memphis Strickland and Jonathan Kane worked on the drive train. Skyler Moore, Jonathan Barnhart, Alex Claycomb and Colin Whyte built practice obstacles for the robot to practice with once it’s complete.


Build Season || Day 5 – General Meeting

Today, our full team met for our general meeting. After a quick status update from each of the subteams, we split apart to continue working on our individual projects.

The business team was very productive. LeeAnn Kuhn wrote out several letters to thank our sponsors for their kind generosity and support, and sent an email to our school’s FIRST Lego League instructor offering to volunteer Westytek at their next competition. Rebekah Kevenk and Jen Hlivko updated much of our team website, including adding the pictures taken from last Saturday’s Kickoff. Alyssa Brandle continued to work on our submission for Chairman’s Award, and set a date for our outreach with our school’s Life Skills kids.

The mechanical team accomplished many of their goals for today as well. Zack Jackson, Venkat Gella, and Brad Molchany continued to work on the second prototype for a hooded shooter, equipped with an adjustable quarter circle hood while Moses Zeidan, Colin Whyte, Alex Claycomb, Hala Hammudi, and Skyler Moore built the second prototype of a sheet metal gear gobbler, ready for testing at tomorrow’s meeting. Meanwhile, Jonathan Kane, Bryce Platzer, Luke Waltman, and Isaiah Yuhas removed the motor controls from Westytek’s 2016 robot, Ziggy.

Something else worth mentioning – Ronald Fisher, a reporter with our local newspaper, The Tribune Democrat, interviewed several of our members today, including Vaughan Kramer, Venkat Gella, Brad Molchany, and one of our mentors, Kenan Kevenk.



Build Season || Day 3 – Business Team

Today the business/media team met and discussed several things, starting off with a possible outreach opportunity with our school’s Life Skills classroom. Team members Alyssa Brandle and LeeAnn Kuhn led this discussion, with more details to come.

Business captain Vaughan Kramer and Patrick Brown set a possible itinerary for the upcoming Pittsburgh Regional Competition, as well as explore a chance to participate in the FedEx Innovation Challenge with Leo Cosgrove and Alyssa.

Leo also spent time today working out the details of ordering our team shirt, an example of which can be found here.


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