200 Fair Oaks Dr Johnstown, PA 15905



Link to the manual: https://rps01.usfirst.org/frc/manual/2015/FRC2015GameManual.pdf

stackThe goal of recycle rush is to gain as many points as possible in each game by stacking plastic totes, round recycling bins and pool noodles on the white scoring platforms.


Each match begins with a 15 second autonomous period in which robots operate independently of their drivers. During this period, robots attempt to earn points by moving themselves, their yellow totes, and their recycling containers from their starting areas into the area between the scoring platforms, called the auto zone. In the remaining time of the match, the robots are controlled remotely by their respective teams at the ends of the field. Points can also be earned by moving the pool noodles, or “litter”, into the landfill. If the litter is not in the landfill, points are awarded to the other team for each noodle. Coopertition points are awarded if, at some point in the match, there are at least four yellow totes on the step between each landfill simultaneously. Coopertition points are doubled if the alliances arrange at least four of those yellow totes in a single stack on the step in between the two landfills.







Kickoff: Chartiers Valley High School – January 3rd

Regionals: California University of Pennsylvania – March 4th to March 7th; Chesapeake Regional – April 1st to April 4th

Championships: Saint Louis – April 22nd to 25th