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Day 2 of Deep Space!! Day 1 of competing!! good luck to everyone here and to our team for the first competition of this year !!



Last night at 11:59 p.m. we got our final robot done, we tested out all of the controls to make sure everything was working, and we made sure we had everything all together for the competitions !!!

We are so glad that we made it another year with a great robot and having spent some great times with amazing people !!! Make sure to stop by our page for our competition updates which are March 13-16 and March 20-23 !!



Second to last day of working on the final robot !!!!! We got in a lot of progress and still have some work to do, come back tomorrow to see the final result !!!


Week 5 of working on the final robot we got in a lot of work since the last update and we are working very hard for the final piece!!!! There is still a lot of work to be done but it coming along very well!!! Come back to see the rest of the stages to the final robot!!!


Week 5 of working on the final robot with the base almost finished and it’s coming along well !! Still in progress !! Come back later to see the rest!!


This is week 4 of working on the prototype robot we have everything working and testing it out now!! We are starting to work on the final robot we got our new wheels in and hope everything goes well! Come back here to see the progress later!!


Patiently waiting for kickoff day! We will be posting updates throughout the season showing our build and competitions. Check back here on Jan 5th for kickoff!



Build Day 27

Zach finished mounting the air tanks on the support of the elevator. These will be used for the pneumatic lift.

Moses got the lock mechanism working and will mount one of the ramps today. Alex is working on the intake arm and will hopefully get that done tonight.

Dylan, Luke, and Carl worked on making railings for the ramp so that it is safer for other robots.

Today was the last day we were permitted to work on the robot before competition. We could  work on the robot when we get to the Pittsburgh competition we are competing in in March, but that is not preferred.



Build Day 26

Moses and Jonathan worked on the locking and lowering mechanism of the ramps. The ramps have to unfold and lower, then they will straighten out to lift the robots and have to lock so we don’t drop them. Dan Z and Mr. Shearer checked the rule book to make sure this will work with the judges.

Alex and Colin connected wiring from the gearbox for the elevator to the robot, and worked on the practice drivetrain. Meanwhile, Maeve and Dan Z attached the bumpers to the robot.

Mallory, Gina, and Vaughan worked with the sponsors to make sure they all want their names represented by WestyTek. Mrs. Platzer and Mallory also balanced our bank account and checked the records. 

Bryce, Carl, Jonathan, and Dylan worked on the cart for competitions and aimed to finish that today. We will use this to roll around our robot before and after matches.

The coding team worked on the autonomous program for the first fifteen    seconds of the matches. To do this, they brought up a map of the field and measured how far we wanted it to go before turning and picking up a cube. The information of which side our switch will be on is sent to the robot before the match, and we can go in and tell it which of the autonomous codes to listen to.



Build Day 25

To start out, Moses and Mr. Shearer led a discussion outlining what we need to get done in the next 16 hours of our build time. Everyone was informed that we should either be working on a piece of the robot or watching someone to learn new skills.

Hala and Jonathan looked over plans to mount the intake arms while Dan K showed Zach, Alex, and Johnny how they plan to stabilize the elevator to make sure it doesn’t break during a competition.

The coding team was thrown a curveball and was told we can’t start with a powercube in our intake because it will be folded up. They will have to figure out the code to intake a cube during autonomous if we want to take a hold of our team’s switch in the beginning. The rest of the coders worked on copying Chris’s code onto their computers to look for errors and make sure it works.   



Build Day 24

Maeve built the bumpers for our competing robot.

Zach and Dan K started to mount the elevator to the base.

Moses and Dan got the plans for the locking mechanism of the ramp solidified.

Colin and Alex worked on the second intake and explored different options for it.



Build Day 23

Moses and Maeve designed the first prototype for the ramp locking mechanism while Luke, Dylan, Elliot, and Carl cut parts for the other ramp.

Dan K continued to mount the elevator to the base and oversaw the bumper situation.

Hala and Dan Z wired the practice drivetrain so that the coders can work their magic after looking over the code and fixing a few things.



Build Day 22

It’s a FIRST Valentines!

With the due date quickly approaching, the team took into high gear. Dan Z, Dylan, Carl, Cameron and Luke finished the practice drivetrain to give the antsy coding team something to do.

We needed to attach the elevator to the base and make sure it fit well and didn’t move around at all when the robot moved. This took cutting a few notches in the edge pieces and securing them very well.

Moses and Nick worked on the ramps some more in order to have them completed by the bag and tag date in less than a week. 

Jonathan, Elliot, and Mr. Shearer rewired the practice drive train to get it functional again. There were only a few minor things that needed to be adjusted and some wires that were moved around to match the drivetrain we have on the almost finished robot.

The coding team patiently waited to get either the practice or actual drivetrain to practice with and troubleshoot the code.



Build Day 21

Today, the coding team got the practice robot up and running and ran the code for bugs and to test it in general.

Vaughan and Mallory worked with Gina to figure out our next steps for the business team and what we could do during the competition times. Pat made a stats sheet for competitions so we can keep our eyes on other teams and determine what alliance we want to go into.


Luke, Bryce, Carl, and Dylan put the finishing touches on the lift while Alex and Colin worked on the gear box to run it.

Moses, Dan Z, and Dan K made quick progress on the second ramp and worked to finish it.



Build Day 20

Maeve strung the lift kit to get it working.


Moses and Dan K talked about the ramps some more and later Moses and Zach went to get plywood for them. Most of one ramps is entirely done and we’re ready to get started on the other one tomorrow.



Build Day 19

The coding team worked on coding the autonomous start to the competition.

Luke, Dylan, Dan Z, Carl, and Johnny took apart the lift kit to find a problem, then put it back together. 

We updated the social media pages with new pictures and updates about what we’re doing during the build season.



Build Day 18

Mr. Shearer, Gina, and Mallory continued building the CNC machine which was started last night. We can use this later to print custom parts that we can’t buy.

Without access to the other WestyTek room, our progress on the lift kit was set back. Luke, Dylan, and Carl powered through to get as much done as he could.

After a slow day, we decided we’d be putting in extra hours to get everything done. Our main focus shifted from the prototypes to putting them together and getting them ready for the bag and tag.



Build Day 17

After a minor setback in building the lift, the team is full speed ahead!

Luke, Dylan, Bryce, Carl, and Jonathan all progressed in building the lift and should have it done tomorrow.

Alex and Colin worked on the CAD drawings for the intake arm, lift, and ramps.

Moses and Dan K worked on ramp designs while Dan Z worked on the cart.

Zach helped Hala work on the practice drivetrain.



Build Day 16

Luke, Carl, Bryce, Elliot, and Delaney worked on the test drive train for the practice robot.

Joey helped Dan Z, Moses, and Dan K test the prototype ramp by pushing our robot up to see if the angle allowed clearance of it onto the ramp. Later, Moses and Dan K hashed out the exact angles and model more precisely than what we have.

Colin and Alex kept steady work on the gear box for the lift as Delaney watched to gain some knowledge.

The order forms were counted and compiled today by Madison and Gina to hopefully be put in and delivered soon!


Build Day 15

Today was another ski club trip so our people are limited. Alex worked on the gear box for the elevator that Luke, Carl Cameron, and Elliot finished yesterday to get it functional.

Hala, Josh, Dylan, and Sam supported Zach in making the practice drive train so we can teach people how to handle the robot in game.

Dan Z built the prototype ramp that Moses and Vaughan started. Hopefully this ramp will enable us to support at least one other robot for the end game.



Build Day 14

Luke, Carl, Cameron, and Elliot worked on the lift arm to finish it today, hopefully to finish it so we can have a more accurate test weight for speed testing.

Alex and Colin worked on CAD sketches of the prototype intake to figure out where to place the pivot to keep the wheel within the restraints of the autonomous dimensions.

Josh and Jonathan K worked on the lathe to make bushings.



Build Day 13

Zach, Hala and Josh started to resize the old drive train so we can practice with it. Our new drive train has different dimensions, so in order to be the most successful with our practice driving, we’ll need to resize the old drive train.

Mallory worked on putting up AmeriServ’s logo on the website and positioned all of our sponsor’s logos for the back of our t-shirts.

Luke cut pieces for the lift kit while Cameron, Dylan, Carl, and Elliot started to construct it. We ordered all of the pieces to build our own because the kit was sold out. Dan K and Alex discussed designs an Alex decided to start on making an AutoCAD file of the separate parts of the robot.

Cody and Dan Z started making the cart for competitions. We’ll use this cart to transport our robot so that we don’t need to carry the robot back and forth by hand. Chris fixed the code for the robot and we got it up and running again.

It was a bit of fun at the end of the night to drive it around and do some preliminary speed tests run by Carl and Dan Z.


Build Day 12

Moses and Maeve worked on the intake arm by finding the right sized sprockets to fit the chain while Cody and Joey connected the drive train to their computer to see if their code worked.

Gina and Mallory talked to our newest member Delaney about the build team and business team to see where she fits best. Everyone is always very welcoming of new team members because we can distribute work and have another fun team mate!

Bryce, Luke, Elliot, and Carl worked on cutting pieces and laying them out for the lift kit. In order to go ahead with our intake design we’ll have to set up our lift kit to see how much space is available for the actual intake. Dan later talked with Moses and Zach about this to determine whether we would use a pneumatic output or something that would simply push the power cubes out.



Build Day 10 and 11

Zach and Alex worked on a practice drive train so we could have one to teach the younger members how to drive and how to use the robot.


We got a drive train working too! It took a few weeks of hard work, Alex and Johnny B’s knowledge of previous drive trains, and the step by step kit to complete it.



Build Day 9 

Alex, Johnny B, Moses, Dan K, Vaughan, Joey, and Dan Z worked on making a cover for the electronics board so that it won’t be damaged during testing or in game play. They also finished making the baseboard for the drive train so that we can build off of it from there. Zach also led them in cleaning our protective goggles that hadn’t been touched for a while.

The coding team (Dylan, Cody, Cameron, and Joey led by Chris) worked in the STEM center. Since they programmed the initial drive command, they worked to program the sensors so that when the information came to our robot, it would know what to do when we told it what to listen to.

Most of the parts for the elevator came in today and while they slowly keep coming in, we’re going to sort them and put them away until we can start to build.




Build Day 8 

Dan K, Bryce, Carl, and Luke worked on the electronics board. This is just the test board we’ll use to test drive the prototype.

Moses and Dan K talked shop about the drive train and logistics for their prototype intake arm.


Dan helped Luke and Carl to find the parts that we need to build and stock up the workroom.



Build Day 6 and 7

Yesterday (Day 6) was ski club so only a few members came to the meeting. Carl, Dylan, and Luke looked up a lift kit and upon finding it sold out, started logging all of the components on a document to make our own kit and order/find all of the parts needed.

Today (Day 7), Dan K, Moses, and Zach started turning the wooden prototype into a working metal one. They decided to make the back intake wheels bigger than the front ones to grab the power cubes more easily.

Johnny B worked on getting the drive train filled in with wood as Mr. Shearer and  Joey took a look at why the base board was not flat and rocked on the base.

Moses and Joey worked on the drive train some more a little later.

Elliot and Alex then started making their prototype lock pin for the ramps we are adding to our robot. Instead of having it climb, we are making it a game-play priority to get the “levitate” power up, and allow the two other robots to drive up a 1′ ramp instead of climbing, conclusively having all three robots ‘climb’.

Hala and Dan K worked on the gear box for the updated intake prototype.

Mallory and Gina worked on putting logos on the backs of the t-shirts and contacted businesses to make sure we have their sponsorship.


Build Day 5

More prototyping was done with Moses and Zach working on the fly wheel arm.

Prototypes for the fork lift arm Dan Z, Luke, and Dylan while Hala and Josh drew up some sketches for a fold-able ramp.

Mallory handed out new garment sales order forms for the 2018 season!

Dan K, Joey, Johnny B, Alex, Nick, and Colin checked the Drive train and worked on the drive train and checked over the electronics board.

The business team also followed up with sponsors to make sure everything was straitened away with them.



Build Day 4

Alex is putting the final touches on the drive train with Zach and Hala to look over it.

Luke, Bryce, Elliot, Carl, and Dan Z further worked on prototype intake schematics.

Dan K , Joey, Moses, and Mr. Shearer hashed out the possible designs for our robot after a small scare with the rules last meeting. In order to have a ramp style robot, we would need to be able to hold the weight of two robots. We watched some videos of Minimum Competitive Concept robots to get some ideas down as well.

Chris worked with Cody and Joey on learning the code and working on the needed initial code for the autonomous portion of the game in the STEM Lab.

In order to have as many possible successful autonomous starts to the game, we would need six combinations. Two for each side of our switch’s color x three for each starting position. Since the robot is sent the information about which side our color will be on, with the code the drive team can just go in and tell the robot what information it needs to listen to.



Build Day 3

Dan K taught a few of our younger members the Trigonometry behind our robot designs to make sure everyone is at the same level. Dan K later worked with Moses, Vaughan, and Joey to figure out the geometry of having a ramp.

Hala, Alex, Mr. Shearer, and Zach worked on the drive train while Joey and Cody worked on prototype designs.


Build Day 2

Today Alex, Colin, Dan Z, Bryce, and Luke organized the build room by putting foam in the drawers to separate the tools. Zach worked on the drive train with Alex and Johnny to guide him.

Mallory and Madison updated the website to replace any old pictures.

Everyone sketched and started to work on prototypes and decided on a design that would allow us to either support other robots via ramp or make us able to lift three robots.

Moses, Zach, and a few other guys sat around Mr. Ed to look at different sketched for ramp robots.

Chris taught Cody and Joey the basics of LabView so that they can code the movements the robot will need closer to the competition.


Build Day 1 

With a clean room and plenty of prototype ideas, the team comes in to the first build day hopeful.

We started the meeting by unboxing the parts for the drive train. Johnny, Alex, Hala, Zach, Colin, and Josh worked to figure out how all of the pieces fit together and started to cut and assemble pieces.

The blog was updated with the latest FIRST logo for Power Up and the new blog posts for each meeting.

The group brainstormed ideas for the different parts of the robot and split into groups to start prototyping the ideas.


Happy kickoff day!

Today the team woke up early (10 am) to attend kickoff in the STEM Lab!

After scribbling down the manual code, the team split into individuals to take a closer look at the rules and regulations. We explained each section covered, asked questions, and made sure everyone was clear on the regulations of the robot, point system, and game play.

A quick lunch later, we split into four teams to brainstorm possible strategies, robot designs, and possible programming for the autonomous portion of the game.

Dan K and Jon outlined the field with tape to show the possible strategies on a bigger, more clear scale. Dan K, Moses, and Vaughan all worked to figure out the maximum amount of points attainable in a single game by multiple different approaches.

We all came together again to discuss what we came up with in the small groups, and decided to give it a weekend to think on our own, read the full manual, and come up with individual prototypes.